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 ( As performed live in theaters both in the UK & USA) 

"The Spirit Of Private Ronnie Evans" 

(In honor of it being 100 years since the end of world war one, my relatives, and all those that died doing their duty)

I am a 17-year-old from World War One.

My name is Private Ronald .A. Evans of the 14th Royal Warwickshire Battalion, and my number is 744611 - but where have all the horses gone?

I have come home, like I said I would to my mom. 

Maybe I'm a bit late, because no one seems to be home, Manor Road, number 71.

Knocking on the door now, it opens, I see a face, but it isn’t the right one, it isn’t my mom?

I speak, and they speak back, but it isn’t in English, where's my family gone?

I look down my road to see if I can see my friends, where I played as a boy and had endless fun.

We didn't have much and we were always hungry, but we used to run and run.

Old Mr Jones, with the one leg, used to shout, "get out of the Horse Road son'

Now all I can see is a trainload of cars, and a smell of a whole lot of pollution.

No more horses, less smoke I suppose, but even the blacksmiths gone.

I look over the garden fence, it used to be wood, but now, it's a red and blue brick one.

Who are these people walking down my road, and what are those little boxes in their hands, they are holding and tapping on?

I guess I'm too late, everyone that I know seems to have moved on.

The old house is still standing, but the ones over the road have completely gone.

Hold on, I hear a friendly voice, its private John Davis; he was in the trenches next to me at the Somme!

"You took your time mate, we are known as the Birmingham pals now you know. That lot got blown down in World War Two. Part of the roofs and half of old Mrs Clark landed over in Bordesley Green common".

How is it your talking to me John, you fell into a shell hole in front of me, I scrambled down to help you, but when I got there, your head and leg were gone?

"I know Ron, I saw you, I watched you scramble out and over the top, and then you took one, you fell back down the hole and landed next to me, back in the mud," I don't remember that John.

What's that noise? Get down John! Kaiser’s boys are sending over another one!

"No Ronnie, don't worry it’s over mate, don't you know, all that and much more has completely gone."

"Come on Ronnie, I'll show you where they are now, I'll show you the new road in heaven, that they live on.

I'll take you to see all the family and your mom.

They've been waiting for you Ronnie, your mom left here heart broken when you didn't return in 1921"

No, not my mom! What was it all for John, if it's all gone? "I don't know, you tell me Ron”?

Come on Ronnie mate, we'll be late, If we go now we might just catch the number 31 ...

'Mary Queen of Scots'

What is this place I find myself in?

as I am pushed from pillar to post for being Mary Queen of Scots, considered a sin.

How I long to I walk in something other than a straight line,

in these clothes that are considered so fine.

Lock me up and throw away the key,

what really is to become of me?

I am Mary, Mary Queen of Scots you see…

How I long to walk in something other than a straight line,

as I sit sewing these clothes so fine.

I know that my life will end, and I will leave this place - this world,

and be with my God, and finally, I will walk in something other than a straight line.

Tonight I come back to visit this place

I thought of so exquisite in my fall from grace.

For tonight I am free in here, for the first time,

I can now walk in something other than a straight line.

Before me, I see again, a gathering of people.

My fear returns as it did to beseech me.

Surely my queen will not deceive me?

In this madness, in people’s hearts and minds,

I feel their sadness.

My God will be there, and in my heart I will feel gladness.

For this has come true,

and tonight I am here to share this with you.

As I awake from this dream, as I sew my last seam,

for tonight - even though I offered my head, I know that my spirit, will never ever be dead.

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I enjoyed attending the show! It was awesome to see Bernard in action sharing his gifts with the audience! Never have I seen anyone like him before. Thank you Ridgefield Playhouse for hosting the show!
Lisa Erlacher Jovanelly (2019)

Bless your heart - and Dr. Chan. With all my heart I thank you both (and spirit and John ). Just amazing - this time last week my face was so swollen that everyone who saw me said '' tooth/abscess problem''. But you and Dr.Chan said '' soft tissue damage '' and that with healing from Dr. Chan it would recover. Every day Bernard it has been getting better and today it is good. I have told everyone I know about it - So many people tried to get me to go to the doctor / dentist. You said that I didn't need to see a doctor or a dentist - and I didn't. Bless you again for everything and for ''being there''.
Vilna.x. (Derbyshire UK) 10/07/2007

Friday can't come soon enough. Looking forward to speaking with you. You have always been spot on with me.. Barb 2018 (New York)

Dear Bernard, I called into the radio station the other day (Star 99.9) and I just have to say thank you. We were able to ask one question and it meant the world to me that you were able to connect with who I was hoping would come through to you (my former boss who was like a father to me) and I have to say that day was one of the best days I've had in a long time! Nothing but positive vibes the entire day. You helped me find peace. You made a comment that the fact I was drawn to connect and that destiny allowed me to.. I have to tell you that morning something told me to call the radio station 28 times! 28! That was also the birth day of my boss... on the 28th time it finally rang but I was disconnected. I called right back and was able to get through to you. Thank you again. You have such a gift and I thank you for choosing to use it to help and heal other people. I hope you have a wonderful time in the states! All the best, Rachel
Rachel Agosto 2019

I saw you many years ago and you were very accurate. I would like another reading.
Ashwinder (UK) 1999

Thank you for my readings, i came to see you ten years ago and you got everything correct, i have been to see others since but they was no good your the only one who has been right thank you, do you do reading in person as my mom and aunt would like a reading but not on the phone or by mail only in person, they have seen you before some years ago, do you do group readings would you please email me back as soon as possible so i can let them know with the information and the prices many thanks.
Elaine (UK) 20/08/2007

Dear Bernard, Thank you so much for my reading! It made me feel much, much better! Thank you also for the reading last year. It was dead-on! ...and Aphrodite did send her arrows! Thank-you for cheering me up! With Best Wishes
Diana (UK) 2000

Thank you very much for your kindness and insight. It made a lot of sense all that you said. I really appreciate it. Namaste
Kevin (Ireland)2002

Dear Bernard, I trust I find you in the very best of health. I wanted to put pen to paper to thank you for the profound and life changing effect you've had since our first reading in Birmingham, in your New Street office, in 2004. I've had several readings since then and each one was full of deep, meaningful and sincere guidance on the possible paths in my life. To say the road in my life had been easy would be understatement however I had heeded your comments with intense interest and this had steered me a more positive direction. To a lay person, it would be difficult to explain the unbelievable accuracy and insight from each reading. I know the heartfelt sincereity in your advice and I thank you warmly. There are many points we had discussed where the route taken could have lead to disastrous consequences however with your help, these negative paths had been averted. I am a far knowleadgeable about the pitfulls in the future and I can honestly say with unequivocall truth that I owe my current w
Sabu (UK 20/09/07)

hello Bernard... how very exciting this pre-book tour must be... I only wish that I was in the UK during this time, so that I could personally applaud you and your uncanny abilities.... thanks, Bernard, for all that you have accomplished in Europe and the UK and here in the USA... you are an incredible human being.... all my best wishes....
don (NY USA)20/10/2006