About Bernard Ilsley

Bernard Ilsley (The London Medium) is one of the most gifted psychics this century. His amazing ability enables him not only to see the future, but also to make contact with loved ones, ancient spirits, aliens and angels. Bernard also by means of tapping into your subconscious mind, can reveal your past lives. He appears regularly in the media, on Radio and TV where people have seen and heard him in the millions, in both the UK and the USA. He can be contacted through email or phone. Make contact with Bernard today it could change your life for ever!

Also Available  - Past life readings

Carried out by tapping into the subconscious mind, the subconscious sometimes holds unexpected obstacles or barriers that can be effective to your present day or future. This can be termed as Karma, you can analyze your Karma in this way, overcoming obstacles and also preparing your self for future Karmic lessons or debts.

This reading also will explain and identify any possible soul mates and any difficulties, connected with them. It is quite common for a past life reading to describe your time and place of living and often how you ended that particular life, this sometimes explains phobias, etc. and can help with them. 

The Book 'Divinus Spiritus' The CD 'Prima Luce'  

mp3 downloads, Meditation recordings, help with grief and visualization of abundance, can also be ordered from the 'Private readings' page on this site.

Two Questions Reading

This sort of reading is ideal for email, and enables you to get answers without having a full reading, it is designed for a relatively fast and inexpensive way to get psychic information.


 Bernard Ilsley - The London Medium

Bernard Ilsley is a third generation psychic, and was born with the gift leaving most people who witness his ability astounded. He works with spirit guides and he is able to consult each different spirit guide depending on which specialized subject he is working on for the individual consulting him. For example, for his Clairvoyance work he consults his North American Indian guide "Silver Cloud" and for spiritual healing he consults his Chinese spirit guide "Dr Chan" both of which from time to time give Bernard philosophy to channel through, which in its own right is quite a phenomenon. His third spirit guide Master 'Chow' is purely a door keeper, for protection.  Pictures of these spirit guides can be found in his book 'Divinus Spiritus'. You can order the book from the private readings page on this site.

His first connection with his spirit guides occurred when he was eight, whilst painting an egg, he found he could tune out to tune in and his spirit guide painted an ancient Chinese pattern.

He joined a development circle in his late teens, run by his grandmother, whom herself was a medium of standing in the media, often in news papers and on BBC radio, her name 'Edith Cole'. As a member of the original Birmingham psychic research society, Edith was the only designated Medium, the other investigators came from a variety of other different backgrounds. His grandfather 'Edward Cole' sat in circles and studied spiritual philosophy for over fifty years, influencing the young Bernard, in his early formative years.

Bernard went on, to his first sell out Theater and Town hall tour at twenty three.

He has also performed mantras and meditations on stage, teaching and lecturing on spiritual philosophy throughout the world.

His recording’s now play on every continent in the world, they now run into the millions.

He is the only medium to have been invited to the private Theater at Chatsworth house in 2010, by the current Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Whilst there, he wrote and performed the poem given to him in a dream, from Mary Queen of Scots, named ‘Mary Queen of Scots’. 

He has walked in the private grounds at Chatsworth House, with Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Alice Cavendish, a childhood friend of Queen Elizabeth II and lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, from the late-1940s until the latter's death in 2002.

He visited the home of the late Deborah Cavendish, Dowager, Duchess of Devonshire, known to her family as "Debo" where they had conversations about Elvis and writing, he also arranged a meeting of a long lost friend of hers, in the last year of her life. 

He had dinner with friends in a private club in London, with Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, and his wife Lady Kitchener Fellows. Emma Joy Kitchener was a Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Princess Michael of Kent. Baron Fellowes of West Stafford, is an English actor, novelist, film director and screenwriter, and a Conservative peer of the House of Lords and last but not least, writer of Downton Abbey.

He was in 'Hello magazine' photographed, with Princess Beatrice of York, the elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York.

He visited and held meditation circles in the home of the rock legend, 'Robert Plant' of 'Led Zeppelin' fame, as well as attending several parties, including his daughters 21st birthday party, where 'Page & Plant' got up on stage to perform for the guests. One of his meditation tracks on the CD Prima Luce, was recorded in the barn of is home.

He appeared as himself, with a tongue in cheek performance, in the hit comedy series, 'High Spirits' with 'Marc Wooten' which was narrated by 'Patrick Stewart' and produced by Tiger aspects.

He has written, produced and published the book, 'Divinus Spritus' & the CD, 'Prima Luce' and has featured in many publications, including the New York Times and the book 'Octopus'.

He has been interviewed on the TV show This Morning and been on many radio & TV stations in the UK and the USA.

He was on the BBC Radio Late show, every month for two years and had his own studio at the BBC.

He was contacted by a news paper and asked about what he thought about Princess Dianna and Dodi Fayed. Bernard predicted before the accident, that she would live on a small Island and that there would be many tears and of course shortly after, she was buried within weeks on a small Ilsand.

At the time of 9/11 he recieved a call from the White house, as the code alarms rang out in the background, he was asked if the plane would reach and hit there.

He predicted the time and place of the capture of Sadam Hussain, live on BBC Radio.

He connected from spirit with the teacher, who put her self in front of the the children, in the Sandy hook school shooting and gave here grieving parents, a message of proof of survival beyond her death.

Last but not least, he has received a gift from Donald Trump and predicted he would be president.

Bernard, thanks soo much for a awesome reading and clarification on my friends suicide. big relief Have a safe trip home and see you next time you in town! Tracey
Tracey Allen (2019)

hello Bernard... how very exciting this pre-book tour must be... I only wish that I was in the UK during this time, so that I could personally applaud you and your uncanny abilities.... thanks, Bernard, for all that you have accomplished in Europe and the UK and here in the USA... you are an incredible human being.... all my best wishes....
don (NY USA)20/10/2006

I enjoyed attending the show! It was awesome to see Bernard in action sharing his gifts with the audience! Never have I seen anyone like him before. Thank you Ridgefield Playhouse for hosting the show!
Lisa Erlacher Jovanelly (2019)

Friday can't come soon enough. Looking forward to speaking with you. You have always been spot on with me.. Barb 2018 (New York)

You've been like a knight in shining armour to me over the past 6 or 7 months and I want a great deal to thank you for your help. Without it I don't even know if I would still be here.
Eliza (UK) 2003

Bless your heart - and Dr. Chan. With all my heart I thank you both (and spirit and John ). Just amazing - this time last week my face was so swollen that everyone who saw me said '' tooth/abscess problem''. But you and Dr.Chan said '' soft tissue damage '' and that with healing from Dr. Chan it would recover. Every day Bernard it has been getting better and today it is good. I have told everyone I know about it - So many people tried to get me to go to the doctor / dentist. You said that I didn't need to see a doctor or a dentist - and I didn't. Bless you again for everything and for ''being there''.
Vilna.x. (Derbyshire UK) 10/07/2007

Dear Bernard, I called into the radio station the other day (Star 99.9) and I just have to say thank you. We were able to ask one question and it meant the world to me that you were able to connect with who I was hoping would come through to you (my former boss who was like a father to me) and I have to say that day was one of the best days I've had in a long time! Nothing but positive vibes the entire day. You helped me find peace. You made a comment that the fact I was drawn to connect and that destiny allowed me to.. I have to tell you that morning something told me to call the radio station 28 times! 28! That was also the birth day of my boss... on the 28th time it finally rang but I was disconnected. I called right back and was able to get through to you. Thank you again. You have such a gift and I thank you for choosing to use it to help and heal other people. I hope you have a wonderful time in the states! All the best, Rachel
Rachel Agosto 2019

Thank you very much for your kindness and insight. It made a lot of sense all that you said. I really appreciate it. Namaste
Kevin (Ireland)2002

Bernard, was tapped in, tuned in, and turned on to his "channels" and Spirit Guides last night at The New Vic Theater! Man, oh man, oh man! He walked onto the stage, visually took in his audience as he said hello, and immediately started doing open clairvoyant readings. He explained later, that he could see bouncing light above people's head's. He received more and more information just hearing the sound if their voice audibly say "yes". The Energy frequencies he receives are so amazing! I have never been in the presence of anything like this in my life. Health and healing, legal counsel, compassion from a mother, brother, father. Answers to lifelong questions, and names he could never know! A Gifted Being, a Receiver. Thank you to you, dear Bernard!
Shelley V (California) 2018

Thank you once again for the thought provoking reading!
Barb (Florida) 2001