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"Thy Pen Is Thy Sword"

Thy pen is thy sword and it will set me free,

Thy word is my bond and it lives in eternity.

Thy shield is my faith and forever it will save me,

Thy helmet protects mine eyes, so that I can see my destiny.

Thy horse is thy ride to take me as far as thyne eyes can see,

Thy land is Old England where thy and thyne bones will be.

My battles are with darkness and universal travesty.

Thy travel is through universe and the light dimensions of divinity,

Thy soul is for the keeping of other souls tranquillity.

Thy heart is of a rainbow if you look the colours you will see.

For I, am just a spiritual warrior passing through this world, for all to see.

For I, am of the earth, the wind, the rain, the sun and serendipity.

Bernard Ilsley

BAEI © 2014

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