Bernard Ilsley The London Medium

10 October 2022

Bernard Ilsley The London Medium


Increase the power of your intuition inspiration and visualization.

It is said that the power of the man or women is equivalent to his prayer, thought and meditation.

An interview with the Natural Nutmeg magazine. (An essential living publication)

DH: How did you discover you had this gift?

BI: I was about 8 years old and it was a sunny summers day, I was outside painting an egg. I experienced that if I semi-closed my eyes the brush seemed to move on its own like a sewing machine needle. I painted this intricate Chinese pattern similar to what you see on Chinese cups but it was much better than what a typical 8-year-old could do. I think now looking back that one of my spirit guides was trying to channel through me to see if they could. This I believe was my first connection with my spirit guides.

I decided to go to a psychic development circle that my grandmother ran at our home, later I went to psychic fairs with her, these were similar to the big Life Expo meetings of today. On one occasion, there was a young lady that came to see my grandmother. I discovered later she was Maureen Plant, who was married to Robert Plant. They were having some unusual happenings at her house so I was asked to investigate. I later started doing development circles there for number of years. I went onto record a meditation CD in their barn. At age 20 I made the decision to go professional and at age 23 I did my first UK tour.

DH: What is one of your favorite memories as a medium?

BI: The happiest times are when you make profound accurate connections. I met a woman who lost her sister in the Sandy Hook shootings. She came to see me and said her parents were finding it difficult to accept her sisters death. They then came to see me and I was able to talk about things that only they knew about that had happened in their daughter’s life. Things like that make you feel so happy that you can use the gift to do such good and help bring at least some peace. On another occasion I had a twin come to see me, I could see the number 13 and water and someone flying through the air. She told me that was her twin brother who died in a waterskiing accident and the number 13 was a tattoo they both shared.

DH: Do you think everyone has the ability to be clairvoyant?

BI: Yes, but it’s much like music. Everyone has the ability to play an instrument but not everyone becomes Mozart. Keep practicing and developing your abilities to increase your awareness of your inner self and your 6th sense, which is all of your other senses heightened together. Your abilities will improve from meditating and looking within. There is so much external stimuli in our society unfortunately keeping our conscious mind’s preoccupied all the time. It takes a lot of practice to achieve a higher conscious state, which leads to the ability to transcend vibrations.

DH: Why do you think some family members who have passed on don’t come through in readings?

BI: Many of us think that because they’re in the spirit world that no matter what, they are available to communicate with us, which is not the case. We forget that life there is sort of like life here – you can’t be in two places at the same time. If a spirit is busy over there and can’t get away then they can’t be there at a particular time to connect with their living family member. We have to remember that just like us, they have a life over there to.

DH: Is it possible for us to connect with our loved ones who have passed on our own?

BI: Absolutely! In fact, it’s much easier for them to receive our thoughts than for us to receive from them. As long as you have faith in the power of love and you visualize them and send a thought, it’s almost guaranteed they will get it. The challenge is that you may not be aware of them sending something back. However, practicing meditation calms the conscious mind to let those thoughts through. Also, don’t expect to receive a lot of information at first. And, if you do receive, you have to acknowledge it so they know, this naturally encourage’s a better connection the next time.

DH: How do we learn more about mediumship?

BI: The best place to start your focus is on the simplicity of meditation. Learn how to get down to one thought and use a mantra which helps with vibrations and breathing patterns. Then, in that experience, you start to become aware of other energies and vibrations that surround you. Look for a mentor. It’s true what they say…when the pupil is ready, the master will appear. Go to where others are practicing meditation and mantras. Meditation is a very difficult discipline to master and achieve, most don’t have the perseverance and discipline and don’t take the time to get the results.

DH: What can people expect from attending your show?

BI: I find there are two types of people who typically attend – ones that know quite a bit about mediums and others that have never been to anything like this. People are hoping to experience that absolute feeling of love and proof of their loved one’s awareness of them, and visa versa. They’re hoping to receive a connection and proof that their loved ones are alive somewhere else. But even if you don’t get a connection yourself, it’s amazing to be there to witness others getting one.

Bernard Ilsley ‘The London Medium’ Writer, Producer, Performer & Guru has written, produced and published the book, ‘Divinus Spritus’ & the CD, ‘Prima Luce’ and has featured in many publications, including the New York Times and the book ‘Octopus’. He has been interviewed on the TV show This Morning and been on many radio & TV stations in the UK and the USA. He was on the BBC Radio Late show, every month for five years.

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